Executive Search


Professional identification and selection for strategic positions in directive and managerial levels, entry and middle-level managerial positions (supervisors and coordinators) and highly specialized college degree professionals.

The Executive Search process helps to identify the most suitable professional for highly important positions in a company. These talents should generate real value to the fulfilled position, and consequently to the business.


Know How

Our team has specialized consultants job hunting, with high expertise in selection and amplified vision of the organizational structures.

Off Limits

Period in which any 4Search team's approach to recruiting proposals to Client Company employees is prohibited.

Follow Up

Weekly information about the search progress, besides mapping (long-list) that contemplates all the information resulted from the search.

Report Presentation About The Finalists

Standard document with resumé, competences analysis, behavioral profile and the candidate’s personality aspects.


The presented candidates are exclusive for the position and are not allowed to participate in another selection as long as the recruiting process is open.

On Boarding and Warranty

Period where we follow up the integration and performance of the hired professional, besides guaranteeing the reposition in case the executive doesn’t adapt to the tasks or the company.

Interview Per Competences

The selection method is performed through Interview per Competences.

Target List

Personalized search plan according to the client-company needs.

What are the Executive Search processes?

The search process starts with the search and rigorous understanding of the business and the needs of the client-company. After this direct and personal study, our consultants will project the best search process.

Among several key information for the adequacy of the work, we can obtain data on:

Company and market: peculiarities of the client's market segment and its positioning, including mission, vision and values.

Organizational structure: hierarchical structures, policies and management guidelines.

At this stage, our consultants seek to describe the aspects of the position and the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the selected professional should present. The verified aspects are:

Job profile: reason for hiring, objectives, responsibilities, challenges, expected performance indicators, hierarchical position and career goals.

Necessary knowledge and skills: academic background, professional experience, technical domain, specific knowledge.

Attitudes and personality characteristics: definition of behavioral attitudes to be identified in the professional to ensure proper job performance and integration with the work group.

Intended salary and benefits: definition of direct and variable compensation, as well as the benefits inherent to the position.

This phase refers to the activity of mapping the labor market as a way of identifying, attracting and analyzing professionals with a job profile.

Mapping takes place in two stages. :

Target list : In-depth study of the competing market or similar activities of the Client Company to identify the so-called “talent barns”.

Talent identification and approach: identifying and attracting the potential candidate.

The selection stage is the moment for investigating the professional's career, technical and behavioral skills, as well as market references.

The selection is held in two stages:

At this stage, professionals who are in agreement with the needs of the Client Company will be invited to participate in individual interviews. A thorough investigation of the candidate's professional history, technical and behavioral skills, career development and key achievements will also be undertaken. The selection stage is complemented by talent behavioral inventories and ends with the finalists being presented to the Client Company.

Professional references: at this stage our consultants seek professional references from previous companies that the professional has worked.

After performing the selective phase, 4Search will present the report of the finalists showing the technical and behavioral profile according to the needs of the Client-Company. The report contains a set of information about the selected professional, with enough information to justify the presentation.

At this stage, our team monitors the interview process and negotiations that take place between the Client-Company and the finalists.

Our consultants help to promote an open and transparent conversation between everyone involved. Thus, if the process evolves into negotiation, we ensure that it is advantageous for both parties.

The On-boarding Coaching stage begins shortly after hiring and extends throughout the project warranty period.

During On-boarding Coaching, our consultants advise both the Client-Company and the hired professional to ensure adaptation between them and increased performance.

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