Mapeamento de competências e assessment

Competences Mapping and Assessment

Assessment is a competency-based assessment process that the Client-Company professionals must present to ensure that the Company's strategic objectives are met. Competencies are mapped, defined by complexity levels and described by indicators, serving as a parameter for the entire evaluation process.

Organizational or individual competencies, along with their indicators, translate the ideal conduct and deliverables necessary for the organization to achieve its strategic objectives.

From the results of the Assessment, it is possible to define more effective development programs and thus ensure the performance increase of the organization's employees.



Specialized consultants in Competency assessment.

Corporate vision

Thorough analysis of the company's business and plans to conduct the evaluation process.

IDP and coaching

Development and follow up of Individual Development Plans.

Complexity Concept

Process anchored in the conceptual references of competences, complexity and indicators.

Competency management

Comparison between requirements and competence (KEY).


Reports with analysis of quantitative and qualitative results.

Assessment process

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